Some of the most common questions asked me


Why are there personal details missing from your Career History ?
I don’t want my personal information given out to all and everyone to use, contact me and if you checkout then I’ll be happy to pass you all the information.

Are you open to negotiation of salary for the first few months ?
As I’ve said, I’m willing to discuss any reasonable offer of employment.

I run a non-profit and we need a support guy if I find you a job would you help us out ?
Find me a job and if the cause is just, absolutely.

I have a job for you in Nashville, would you take it ?
Although I dearly would love to say yes, the area we have chosen to live is near Knoxville, so the commute would likely kill me, sorry.

Damn you’re hot. Please marry me ?
Please have your eyesight checked, I’m flattered but I’m already spoken for.

So if I find you a job and you end up working for them when do I get my $400 ?
As soon as I start I’ll send you the $400, and you can have that in writing if you want.

I would like to interview you for the media, can we talk ?
Love to, just email or call me.

Are you for real, is this just a joke ?
This is absolutely for real, and I’m very serious, I need a job in Tennessee. Find me one and get 400 bucks.

What areas are you looking for a job in ?
Excellent question, and in no particular order: Knoxville, Maryville, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Kodak, Rockford, Eagleton Village, Louisville, Farragut, Gatlinburg and anywhere nearby.

I’m located in Los Angeles but you can work for us in Tennessee, are you interested ?
Yes, as long as I’ll be located in Tennessee then that’s perfect, so lets talk.

I have a job offer but it’s so different from what you have done, should I even bother talking to you ?
Absolutely, I’ll quite seriously consider anything, and I really mean anything.

I need to interview you, how can I do this ?
Well initially we can talk by phone and via web cam, and I’m happy to meet you face to face, I’ll be in Tennessee late November.

When are you ready to start ?
I can start virtually right away as soon as I have my green card.