$400 waiting for you Just find me a job

Its time for change, and I need a job.

Hi there and welcome, thanks for stopping by "The Tennessee Job Seeker", my name is Karl, I created this site to get a job, and I need your help to do so, find me one and I'll be delighted to give you $400.

During 2007 I travelled to Tennessee to visit family friends, and fell in love with the Knoxville area and the warmth of the Tennessee people. We spent a family vacation there in 2008 bringing my partner and son, it was contagious and they shared my love. Upon our return to the UK we were greeted with arrogance; ill manners and surliness, we awoke to the reality, there really is a better life, so we decided to follow the American dream and move.

For the past twenty-five years I have had a career within the Information Technology industry. I have vast experience and knowledge in the field of Internet and data communication networks, my choice of employment would primarily be in this area. So I need a new job and I need your help finding me one. I am seriously willing to consider anything, to facilitate the move, really anything. If you go to the links above and click on "For Hire" you will find my CV, some personal details are missing as I dont want lots of unsolicitied mail to the house and calls to my cell phone, hence theres an email and local Maryville TN number which has an answering machine on it for you to get in touch with me, they are repeated here below.

865 238 5656

The Family

My partner (Jackie) is awsome, a genuinely loving and warm person who hogs the duve, plays guitar and a passion to cook. This wonderful woman came into my life when I was at my lowest and opened her heart to me.

Jackie is a Nurse Practitioner and Practice Director here in the UK working within the National Health Service (NHS). She is also now looking for employment within the Knoxville area, and is currently getting ready to take her NCLEX–RN.

Dominic is Jackie’s son, although our start was shaky, we have built a truly awesome relationship. I love him deeply, as he I. We share a love of Ford Mustangs, corn dogs and older women. He is a unique and wonderful guy, and shares my love of the United States and Tennessee. Even to the point of wanting to take citizenship .

He is hugely excited about attending the University of Tennessee in the fall of 2010 to study Psychology, its his aim to enter law enforcement.


 The Next Step – Spread the Word

We have decided that I will make the first move out to the USA, along with Dominic.

To facilitate my employment in the USA I need a sponsor for my green card application. Now you may not have a job for me, but ask around, make some calls, reach out to people pass links to the site, because there’s $400 in it for you, get me a job and that’s your thank you from me,and I will pay all US Goverment filing charges.

So call or email me now, and the cash is yours.

Can't think of anyone right now, but have a web site, then place one of my banner adverts on you page, and if its seen and I get a job from it, I'll give you $200.

And I have an added bonus for you, because linking from your site, and an employer sees it, then you just made $200 (Web Site Link) + $400 (Refer an Employer) = $600 Total thank you gift from me.

Use the following web link: http://www.thetennesseejobseeker.com

Giving something back

I'd like to give something back to the people of Tennessee for those future job seekers. Once I have found work its my intension to redesign the site for the purpose of making it a place for anyone to visit looking for work in Tennessee. I realise I wont be able to do it all myself so I shall put together a small team to manage the operation, making it entirely non profit.


Thank you, and please find me that job.