Here is my resume, you will notice that certain personal details are missing, this is because I don't want to be inundated by unsolicited mail and crank calls. My full details will be made available to employers upon verification of their company and the enquiring individual.




Personal Details

Karl *************
England UK

Telephone: 865 238 5656



Northfield School 1976 -1982

English - O Level B
Mathematic - O Level B
Computer Studies - O Level B
Physics - O Level C



National Health Service (South Doc) 2009 - 2009 Birmingham UK
H1N1 (Swine Flu) Centre Operations Manager:
Assigned to manage and operate South Birmingham H1N1 Centre. Put in place procedures and create an operation to diagnose patients attending with symptoms of flu. Combined with the running of Anti Viral Collection Point (ACP) for supply of medications to diagnosed patients with H1N1. Liaison with Medicine supply channels, maintain, order and handle stock control, analyze and report statistical data back to Birmingham NHS Primary Care Trust (PCT) Directors for collation with UK Government Department of Health.


Northstar Consultants Limited 1997 - 2009 Birmingham UK

CEO and Senior Technical Consulting Director:
Providing network and Internet consulting to clients, relating to multiple levels, including software - anti-virus, operating systems (Linux, Microsoft, Apple), Security - Firewalls, Intrusion detection, user access monitoring. Implementation of hardware solutions - Computers, servers, routers, wireless access points, virtual servers, remote access.
Responsible for operational decisions with regard the company administration, decision-making involving finalization and implementation of corporate policy, guidance and advisement to staff on technical consulting and management issues. Research and investigation into new and developing threat assessment with regard the Internet. Assessing of new technology for purposes of implementation and recommendation.


Northstar Network Associates Limited 1994 - 1997 Birmingham England

Sales and Technical Director:
Build, maintain and support of customer base. Training to clients and staff on utilization of network hardware and software. Monitoring and Evaluation of new technology, and evolving market and trends, client installation of networks products including servers, routers, hubs, computers - comprising across multiple platforms, printers, network and desktop operating systems and applications.

Northstar Microcomputer Services Limited 1991 - 1994 Birmingham England

Sales and Support Manager:
Responsible for sales generation from phone and appointments. Provide support to clients on hardware and software supplied by the company via telephone and site visit. Providing internal training to staff on product range.  Installation of software and computer hardware.

Sales and Support Director:
Promotion to Director, evaluation and selection of product lines for company, organization and training of Sales and Support staff.


Mercury Communications 1988 - 1990 Birmingham England

Customer Technical Support - Initially employed as Fault reporting and diagnosing, customer liaison with network controllers.

Data Network Controller - Promoted to data network controller, diagnosis of faults to communication digital data networks utilizing fibre optic and microwave links, assigning of engineers, rerouting data traffic from affected circuits. Acting Training officer.


The Source 1985 - 1987 McLean VA USA

Data Networking Technician:
Maintaining of Network and Data Center Servers. Installation and support of computer mainframes.


Alamo Car Rentals 1983 - 1985 Burbank CA USA

IT Support Assistant:
Staff support on internal help lines, system backup and data restoration. Network and Data monitoring.



IT Proficiency in the following areas

Wireless network installation - I have implemented numerous wireless Access Points and Routers from multiple vendors including Cisco, 3Com and Draytek. In some circumstances there has been a need for signal amplification and repeater setup, which I have also installed. In some site locations Frequency Analysis of the wireless bandwidth has been required generally prior to installation, but some cases post installation where interference has been detected and I have experience and skill sets for this.

Network Intrusion Detection - Experience and skills at numerous clients for the purpose and putting in place network monitoring to detect possible weaknesses in their internal network from external attack by Utilizing Server monitoring on Linux, OSX and Windows. Installation of dedicated monitoring computers on a permanent and temporary basis has sometime been required which I have had need to setup for the purpose of data logging of IP packets and analysis.

User monitoring - Carried out for senior management of clients covert data monitor of users for the purpose of recording network activity on the local workstations and servers, for legal proceeding. Obtained through the introduction of local relaying software and server based user analysis tools under Linux and Windows.

Server Installation - Setup and configuration of network operating systems relating to Microsoft, Linux, Apple OSX. Configuration of hardware obtained from numerous hardware vendors including Dell, IBM and Apple.

Network and Internet - Experience encompassing various aspects ranging from the design and implementation of network and Internet infrastructure for clients and the setup, installation and configuration of routers, switches and firewalls from multiple hardware vendors. Fault diagnosis skills, ability to explain at a level understandable to none technical staff, but with the aptitude to step up and work with clients own internal IT staff at problem resolution.

Network Security Analysis - Ability to diagnose potential and present security vulnerabilities then implement design changes via additional security procedures, changes to the structure of the network or the application of updates and patches. 


Management Expertise

An extensive career working with both staff and in service facility management has provided me with excellent people skills and the ability to motivate others to act accordingly.
I have extensive presentation and documentation skills, frequently influencing decision makers.
I possess the ability to react to situations in a calm and stable manner. I have sizable administration and sales expertise relating to the operation and managing of a company both internally and dealing with clients and the media. Responsible for building a loyal client base through personal attention, quality service, and attention to detail.